Unlockable Blade And Background Fruit Ninja On Iphone

Halo semua nya udah lama nih gak posting hehehehe.......... kali ini admin akan post tentang Unlockable Blade And Background Fruit Ninja On Iphone, kenapa pake On Iphone? bukan kah ada di Ipad? Android? itu karena, kalau di android bisa crack/hack agar menjadi full version, untuk yang harus zen mode dan arcade mode, itu harus full version untuk memainkan nya. oleh karena itu anda bisa unlock menggunakan starfruit. tanpa basa basi langsung aja

Unlockable Backgrounds
Here is the Unlockable Backgrounds,

Fruit Ninja Background: Get 125 points without dropping a fruit in Classic Mode.

I Heart Sensei Background: Read 3 different strawberry fruit facts.

Great Wave Background: Slice 250 Watermelons.

Yin Yang Background: Slice 75 Passion fruits.
Unlockables Blades
Here are the list of the unlock able blades. 

Disco Blade: Slice 50 Banana's.

Mr. Sparkle Blade: Slice 3 Pineapples in a row, in Classic Mode.

Old Glory Blade: Finish a game with a score of "50" points.

Butterfly Knife Blade: Get a combo with strawberry 40 times.

Flame Blade: Score a combo after the timer ends in Zen Mode.

Ice Blade: Slice 20 Freeze Banana's in Arcade Mode.

Shadow Blade: Get a score of at least 175 in Zen Mode, playing upside down. (Device is right way up)

Pixel Love Blade: Get 50 Combos in Classic Mode.

Piano Blade: Slice 100 Critical's.

Party Time Blade: Slice every strawberry and nothing else in a game of Arcade Mode.

Bamboo Shoot Blade: Play a Full Game of Zen Mode everyday, 5 days in a row.

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